The mission of the AERB is to ensure the use of ionising radiation and nuclear energy in India does not cause undue risk to the health of people and the environment.

I am a supplier for Industrial Radiography

Obtain licence from the CompetentAuthorityfor the manufacturing and supply of Industrial Radiography device, source changer and the accessories;
Supply only after obtaininga Type approval/NOC from the CompetentAuthorityand only tousers authorised by the CompetentAuthority
provide the user along with the equipment
  • Technical Specifications
  • Operating/ Servicing/ Maintenance Manuals
  • Instructions for handling emergencies and
  • Training on operational aspects and maintenance of above exposure device
  • Provide user with detailed procedures for quality assurance tests and checks to be carried out with specfied frequency to verify correct performance of the device/ equipment
  • Be responsible for installation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance, decommissioning/dismantling of equipment and for arranging disposal of thedisused / decayed radiography sources and any other radioactive materialin the shielding
  • keep a record of radiography exposuredevices/source changers supplied, together with performance
  • not offer for sale any industrial radiography equipment without the approval from the Competent Authority.
  • Quality assurance and safety status of the device/ source changer
  • Submit the periodic reports to the Competent Authority in the format prescribed by the Competent Authority.
  • Provide to the owner or prospective owner :
    • Copy of the Type Approval Certificate / NOC issued by the Competent Authority
    • Details of the equipment to be supplied including its shielding/ interlocks and shutters
    • Details of source
    • Max kVP/mA in case of X-ray based equipment
    • When supplying a replacement gammaradiography source in a source container,inspect the pigtail and couplings for wear and replace unacceptably worn, frayed or damaged components.
    • Provide to the purchaser of a sealed radioactive sourcea dummy source (clearlymarked as such), and a source holder, if applicable, of the same appearance, orphotographic or other documentation necessary to enable the operator to recognise an accidentally detached source, by size and appearance, in anemergency
The servicing and maintenance personnel of radiography equipment shall ensure that no repair and maintenance is carried out on radiography exposure device/ source changer when it contains

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