The mission of the AERB is to ensure the use of ionising radiation and nuclear energy in India does not cause undue risk to the health of people and the environment.

Consumer products and Scanning facilities

A consumer product is a manufactured product or item containing radioactive substance, which is exempted at the end user level from regulatory control. However, the manufacturing and distribution of the products in bulk require Licence in the form of Authorisation from the regulatory body. The products containing radioactivity above the exempt limits have to be assessed for safety and are required to be type approved by AERB.

Consumer products containing radioactive substances, which are commercially manufactured and extensively used in India, are the radio-luminous timepieces and watches, gaseous tritium light sources (GTLS), gaseous tritium light devices (GTLD), ionisation chamber smoke detectors (ICSD), fluorescent lamp starters, anti-static devices and the incandescent gas mantles.

Scanning facilities

Scanning facilities are used for detection of contrabands and explosives. These scanning facilities are important to detect the economical offences like misdeclaration of products during import or transport. Various scanning facilities are available which are mainly X-ray based equipment. Although some scanning facilities are Co-60 radioisotopes also.

Following is the classification of scanning facilities;

  • Cabinet x-ray baggage scanners
  • Portable x-ray scanners
  • CT based x-ray baggage scanners
  • X-ray based food scanners
  • PCB Analyser
  • X-ray tube based vehicle scanners
  • Co-60 based vehicle scanners
  • LINAC based vehicle scanners
  • Rail Scanners


Requirements for Manufacturers/ Suppliers

Regulatory Process for commercial production of Consumer products:

The manufacturer/supplier of consumer product is required to obtain authorisation from AERB for manufacturing and/or supplying the consumer products to the end user.

Decommissioning of manufacturing premises

The manufacturing premises should be checked for contamination. Any contamination premises should be decontaminated to an acceptable level. It can then be declared fit for any use. The active waste should be disposed off after obtaining regulatory clearance.

Authorisation of Manufacturer of consumer products

Approval Procedure for Xray inspection systems

Additional Information

AERB Directive No. 01/2010: Exclusion, Exemption and Clearance of Radionuclides in Solid material

Disposal of devices by User:

The user, may procure such consumer product and eventually dispose it off in the public domain without any further control. If large number of consumer products have to be stored/ disposed-off by the user, the user is advised to seek approval from AERB.

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