The mission of the AERB is to ensure the use of ionising radiation and nuclear energy in India does not cause undue risk to the health of people and the environment.

Regulatory Inspection (RI)

Regulatory Inspection (RI) is one of the core processes of AERB through which it ensures that the Nuclear/Radiation facility is in compliance with the legal & regulatory requirements and licensing conditions.

AERB conducts routine (safety & security) inspections periodically to cover all the activities of the licensee. These inspections are planned for an year in advance and the schedule of inspections is intimated to the facility before inspection. These RIs include inspection of various technical aspects as well as required administrative arrangements and ranges from scrutiny of various documents, interview with facility personnel to observation of tests, measurements and field visits.

Apart from routine RIs, AERB also conducts special inspections to witness specific tests or activities at the facilities, and unannounced inspections to obtain firsthand and realistic information on the status of the facility and its compliance to safety requirements & relevant stipulations. AERB also deputes Site Observers at select nuclear facilities (co-located operating nuclear power plant(s) and plant(s) under construction) to observe activities of the facilities for regulatory compliance on a day-to-day basis.

Authorised Inspectors or team of Inspectors conduct RI at facilities. The authorised inspectors are empowered to take on the spot enforcement action in consultation with the Competent Authority (Chairman, AERB), if required. Such enforcement actions may include curtailment of activity or stoppage of operation of a facility.

Authorised Inspector of AERB along with his/her team of inspectors is empowered primarily to
  • enter at all reasonable hours, for inspection purpose, the premises of any Nuclear or Radiation facility during any stage of consenting process (siting, construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning);
  • observe, inspect, examine, measure, copy, photograph, sketch or test as the case may be, any of the instrument/equipment, question any personnel, review and verify relevant documents and records etc., for the purpose to ensure safety;
  • inspect, from safety point of view, to ensure that the licensee has fulfilled the radiological safety requirements for carrying out the practices at the Nuclear or Radiation facility as per the stipulations laid down in the consent;
The inspection findings are explained to the Licensee and the Licensee is asked to submit a formal response to the findings to AERB in a time bound manner for further review.
Regulatory Inspection of Nuclear Facilities during Construction & Commissioning

AERB conducts routine Regulatory Inspection (RI) of the nuclear facilities under construction typically 1-4 times in a year depending on the type, consenting stage, and project progress of the facility. Graded approach is applied based on the hazard potential of the facility under construction to arrive at the frequency & scope of inspection.

During these RIs, focus is mainly on aspects related to Licensee’s management systems for ensuring safety & quality, Quality assurance during construction/commissioning, Occupational health & safety, Fire protection, Emergency preparedness & response, and Radioactive waste management & Environment surveillance. The inspections are carried out by a team of authorised inspectors depending on the scope of inspection.

Special inspections as and when needed are typically carried out by a two member team of authorised inspectors or a larger team depending on the scope of inspection.
Regulatory Inspection of Operating Nuclear Facilities
Regulatory Inspection of Radiation Facilities during Construction & Commissioning
Regulatory Inspection of Operating Radiation Facilities

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