The mission of the AERB is to ensure the use of ionising radiation and nuclear energy in India does not cause undue risk to the health of people and the environment.

Environment and Fuel Cycle Chemistry studies

The primary objective of the environment and fuel chemistry studies is to carry out the chemistry related R&D activities to support the safety objectives of AERB pertaining to the nuclear reactor, fuel cycle processes, environment etc.

Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling
  • Atmospheric dispersion pertaining to complex terrain and also site consisting multiple units / facilities.
  • Deployment of highly conservative models such as Gaussian Plume Models to advanced dispersion models are employed for the purpose.
  • Numerical Weather Prediction mathematical models for weather forecasting and the developed meteorological parameters as vital inputs for running dispersion models.
  • Boundary layer measurements and theoretical study of processes occurring in the PBL over homogenous, heterogeneous and complex hilly terrain.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Emergency planning
Development of man-rem reduction and waste minimization methodologies
Chemical reactivity evaluation and control
Corrosion studies pertaining to Zr - 2.5% Nb
Electrochemical applications in nuclear fuel cycle operations
Iodine Chemistry related safety studies
Theoretical Studies on waste matrix integrity

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