The mission of the AERB is to ensure the use of ionising radiation and nuclear energy in India does not cause undue risk to the health of people and the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

AERB receives questions from various national and international sources on subjects related to its organizational status, functions and  activities. AERB answers these questions as and when received. Based on experience gathered over the years in answering these questions, AERB has prepared a list of questions and answers that would be useful to the information seekers and also reduce the questions of repetitive nature reaching AERB.

On this page two sections are available. The first one is the list of FAQs generated based on questions from all sources and the other is the list of FAQs raised based on Right to Information Act, 2005 (RTI).

  • General FAQs: This document contains FAQs on topics such as regulatory review process, independence of AERB, public participation and transparency, safety aspects of nuclear power plants (NPPs), safety assessment of NPPs, radioactive waste management and environmental safety around NPPs, safety in uranium mining and milling, safety in beach sand processing, international events such Fukushima Accident (2011), national events such as Mayapuri radiological incident (2010) and other significant events or topics.

  • RTI Queries & Responses: This link contains RTI-Queries & Responses which are pertinent to safety in diagnostic and therapeutic radiation applications and nuclear medicine. Among these most are related to X-ray and CT-Scan equipment and corresponding safety aspects. Some questions are on qualification of radiography/radiotherapy technologists, their qualifications and institutes providing trainings for would-be technologists and related curriculums. Questions regarding RSO, their duties/responsibilities, qualifications and certifications have also been answered. One can find answers to questions related to layouts of radiography/radiotherapy facilities on this link. To get information on specific equipment/facility/activity/training courses or items which either are or aren’t under purview of AERB, one can go through the responses. Those who are concerned about their safety while going to use or undergo diagnostic/therapeutic radiation applications may find information available in this link very helpful. Some questions on industrial radiography and associated aspects are also included in these FAQs. Questions on regulatory inspection, waste disposal from research labs, transport of radioactive materials can also be found answered here.

If you have a question unanswered even after going through the above two documents, you are free to pass it to us. Please see the “contact us” page on this website for communicating your query to us.

Please note that for RTI FAQs the questions are kept as received and hence correctness of language used is not ensured.

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