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Annexure - III (Contd
Annexure - III (Contd.)


Request for Release of Grant-in-Aid (Year 19   -19  )
for Second and Subsequent including Final Year
(To be filled and submitted in duplicate within one month of receiving the sanction letter)

The Member-Secretary

Committee for Safety Research Programmes

Atomic Energy Regulatory Board

IV Floor, Niyamak Bhavan


Mumbai 400 094

Title of the research project                                                      :

Sanction letter No. and date                                                     :

Name of the Institution/University                                          :

Particulars Staff salary Equip-ment Consum- ables Computer charges Contin-gencies Over- head Total

1. Amount (Rs.)
sanctioned in
current year
(19   -19  )
2. Amount received
so far
3. Total balance
admissible under
the Project
4.  Unutilised balance
if any, from
previous years/
5.  Net amount
claimed now

Authority at the institution in whose favour the Demand Draft is to be drawn.

Signature of the Principal Investigator
Counter signature of the Head of the Institution.