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General Information on Safety Research Projects
The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) has been set up in November 1983 to carry out certain regulatory and safety functions in the field of nuclear and radiation safety on a countrywide basis and industrial safety in all operations of the Department of Atomic Energy. One of the functions of AERB is to promote and fund radiation safety research and industrial safety research as part of its programme.

Atomic Energy Regulatory Board has constituted a Committee for Safety Research Programmes to frame rules, regulations and guidelines and to recommend, evaluate and monitor the research projects. The Committee also recommends financial assistance to Universities, research institutions and professional associations for holding symposia and conferences of interest to AERB after scrutinising the applications from the organisations. The present membership of the Committee is given in Annexure-I. The Committee normally meets twice in a year. Institutions seeking the support of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board are expected to have the basic infrastructure needed to carry out such research projects. The facilities available may be suitably augmented to a limited extent with the help of research grants made by AERB. The institutions involved in such research projects could, on their own initiative, make special arrangements with other organisations for the use of any special research facilities that may be needed to supplement their own efforts. AERB does not get involved in making these arrangements.


AERB funds for appropriate research projects will be made available to members of faculties of universities and other research institutions. Proposals from persons who apply in their individual capacity and not through an institution will not be considered. All applications for grants should be made through the Head of the Institution in which the project is proposed to be carried out.

The normal duration of a research scheme would be two to three years from the date of the issue of sanction. However, financial grants will be made on an annual basis. The progress of the projects will be reviewed while renewal applications are considered. Approval for extensions upto six months can be given in consultation with the Chairman of the Committee. The tenure of the fellows attached to this project can be extended by three months after the terminal date of the project at the discretion of the Committee, for preparing the consolidated report.

Procedure for Applying
Ten copies of the application for research proposals for the year should be submitted to Member Secretary, Committee for Safety Research Programmes, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Niyamak Bhavan, Anushaktinagar, Mumbai-400 094 in the format that is enclosed in Annexure-II on or before November 30. This is for funding in the ensuing financial year. At least one copy of the proposal sent to AERB should be endorsed by the Head of the Institution in which the proposed work is to be carried out. The proposer and the institution in which the work will be carried out will be required to accept the terms and conditions stated separately in Annexure-III. A statement to this effect as shown in Annexure-II has to be included when the request for an AERB grant is made. Applications for annual renewal of grants have to be submitted as in Annexure-IV.

The decision on proposed projects may be communicated to the concerned institutions by the first week of April.

Scrutiny of Applications
The proposals will be studied by the Committee for Safety Research Programmes. The Committee may consult other experts as considered necessary and make recommendations to the Chairman, AERB.

Topics of Interest
A list of the general topics of interest to the advisory committee are listed in Annexure-V. Investigations on topics related to
  1. safety aspects of nuclear technology including industrial safety in nuclear and allied installations; and

  2. safety aspects of radiation applications in agriculture, industry, medicine and research
will be considered for support.

Renewal of Projects
The investigator is expected to apply to the Board for renewal of the grant every year. Renewal is subject to satisfactory progress. The application for renewal in the prescribed format should be sent to the Member Secretary, Committee for Safety Research Programmes by November 30, for obtaining the grant for the next financial year. The progress during the first year is likely to be modest in view of the time taken to recruit fellows and to procure equipment. However, the investigator must send the renewal application promptly to ensure continuation of support to the project.

Consolidated Terminal Reports
Every investigator must submit five copies of a consolidated terminal report within three months of the terminal date of the project to the Member Secretary of the Committee for Safety Research Programmes. The consolidated report should be a self- contained complete document and not a compilation of papers published. The report must contain information as shown in Annexure-VI. Two copies of all the papers published/submitted for publication based on work done under the AERB project should also be sent along with this report.

Components of Research Grants
Basically, AERB will fund the research project for items such as equipment, consumables, stipends for staff exclusively employed for the project, and computation charges and other contingencies that may be required to complete the projects successfully. Only those items including equipment, which are essential for carrying out the project effectively and expeditiously are granted by AERB. Travel grants may also be provided from contingencies in cases where there is a well defined requirement. Grants for foreign travel will not be provided. No part of the project funds can be diverted for this purpose. No payments are made to the Principal Investigator and additional members of the faculty who may be working as Co-investigators. The categories of staff granted under the project are separately indicated in the sanction. Their mode of selection is explained in Annexure-III under terms and conditions.

The investigator should present and discuss the results of all research and development work in Conferences. This is essential to promote science and technology. AERB extends financial support to organisations and institutions to organise seminars, workshops, conferences or symposia on safety related topics. These meetings encourage interaction among scientists and promote interdisciplinary contacts - an essential factor in promoting radiological, industrial and nuclear safety. Publication from these meetings is easily available all over the country to a wider section of professionals.AERB Form 'A' in Annexure-VII may be submitted by the conveners of national/international meetings conferences, seminars, symposia and workshops to get AERB funding. Support is generally extended in the form of co-sponsorship with other agencies. The requests for support should reach the Member Secretary, Committee for Safety Research Programmes by December 31 for anticipatory support for the subsequent financial year.

AERB funding is subject to the following conditions:
  1. Two representatives from AERB will be allowed to attend meeting free of charge.

  2. A copy of the proceedings of the meeting must be supplied free of charge to the AERB Library.