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Radioisotopes in India can be procured and handled only by the users duly authorised by Radiological Safety Division (RSD), Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB). This authorisation is based on the radiological safety status of the institution intending to establish a radioisotope laboratory. For this purpose it is mandatory that the plan of the radioisotope laboratory is approved by RSD from radiation safety standpoint. The planning of the radioisotope laboratory depends upon the type of the radioactive material to be used, its physical from, activity and the type of experiments to be carried out using the radioactive materials, etc.

Based on the above, user has to submit to RSD, AERB two copies of the architectural layout of the radioisotope laboratory in B3 size paper (353 x 500 mm) clearly indicating therein the rooms meant for storage and handling of radioisotopes, counting of radioactive samples and storage of radioactive waste. It should also indicate the dimensions of the rooms, positions of the doors, windows, exhausts, fume hoods, workbenches and other fixtures. The enclosed typical layout of radioisotope laboratory AERB/RSD/RES-FIG will be of guidance to the user in planning the radioisotope laboratory as per the current requirements. A site plan, on B3 size paper, of the building should also be sent marking clearly therein the location of radioisotope laboratory and the occupancies around it including those above the ceiling and below the floor, if any. (Use Form entitled “Application For Layout Plan And Construction Approval For Research Laboratories Handling Radioisotopes, Form ID: AERB/RSD/RL/LCA)

Further, the radioisotope laboratory has to be classified for regular procurement of handling of radioisotopes. The classification will depend upon the quantity of radioisotope used and the required handling facilities. The enclosed note AERB/RSD/RES-CLASS provides the necessary details in this regard.

For this purpose, the user may kindly fill in the enclosed proforma AERB/RES/QN in all respects and submit the same duly signed to Head, RSD, AERB, Niyamak Bhavan, Anushaktinagar, Mumbai – 400 094.

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  • Application for Layout Plan and Construction Approval for Research Laboratories handling Radioisotopes
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