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National Report to the Convention on Nuclear Safety - Seventh Review Meeting of Contracting Parties, March 2017  (Latest)

The Government of India ratified the Convention on Nuclear Safety on March 31, 2005. India started presenting its national reports from the 4th Review Meeting of the Contracting Parties of the CNS in 2008. The present national report for the 7th Review Meeting is the fourth one being submitted by India. The Report updates how Government of India continues to fulfill its obligations under Articles 6 through 19 of the Convention.

The National Report was prepared in line with the guidelines contained in information circular INFCIRC/572/Rev.5 on “Guidelines regarding National Reports under the Convention on Nuclear Safety”, the summary report of the 6th Review Meeting, additional recommendations for the preparation of national reports for the 7th Review Meeting dated October 8, 2015, and the letter written by President of 7th Review Meeting of CNS to the Contracting Parties in February 2016. All land-based nuclear power plants including storage, handling and treatment facilities for radioactive materials attached to the NPP and directly related to the operation of nuclear power plants are covered in the national report.