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Committee to Review the Safety of Indian Nuclear Power Plants in the light of earthquake and Tsunami in Japan
The severe earthquake of March 11, 2011 in Japan followed by high intensity tsunami has resulted in damage in a number of reactors at Fukushima Nuclear Power Station.  A committee consisting of the following is hereby constituted to review the safety of Indian Nuclear Power Plants in the light of the above incident.
Constitution Order No. CH/AERB/25/2011/977 Dtd. March 19, 2011
  Shri S.K. Sharma Chairman Former Chairman, AERB, Mumbai  
  Shri S.K. Chande Member Former Vice Chairman, AERB, MumbaiSend mail  
  Shri S.A. Bhardwaj Member Director (Tech.), NPCIL, Mumbai  
  Dr. A.K. Ghosh Member Director, HS&E Group, BARC, Mumbai  
  Prof. C.V.R. Murthy Member IIT, Madras  
  Dr. I.D. Gupta Member Director, Central Water & Power Research Station, Pune   
  Dr. B.N. Goswami Member Director, Indian Instt. of Tropical Meteorology,   Pune   
  Shri R. Chowdhury Member Former Director, RG, BARC, Mumbai  
  Shri A.G. Chhatre Member Associate Director (SA&S), NPCIL, Mumbai  
  Shri L.R. Bishnoi Member- Secretary Head, S&SED, AERB, Mumbai Send mail  



The Committee may review

  • Capability of Indian Nuclear Power Plants to withstand earthquakes and  other external events such as  tsunamis, cyclones, floods, etc.

  • Adequacy of provisions available to ensure safety in case of such events, both within and beyond design basis.

  • The Committee may co-opt additional members and/or constitute task forces as required. 

Since the events at Fukushima are still unfolding, and full analysis and understanding will become available in due course, the Committee may consider issuing an interim report as early as possible followed by a final report subsequently.