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AERB Annual Report is published every year typically in the month of July. The Annual report highlights and summarises developments over the past year in major areas of work of AERB. It includes AERB safety review and inspection of Nuclear Power Projects and Operating Plants as well as Safety Surveillance of Radiation Facilities. The report also includes various activities held during the past year in the field of nuclear, radiation and industrial safety. The report also include safety studies carried out in AERB and also lists out the AERB documents published. Click here for full version of Annual Report [ 2.79 MB ]

: Contents
Chapter 1 : General
Chapter 2 : Safety Surveillance of Nuclear Facilities
Chapter 3 : Radiation Facilities
Chapter 4 : Industrial Safety
Chapter 5 : Environmental Safety and Occupational Exposures
Chapter 6 : Emergency Preparedness
Chapter 7 : Safety Documents
Chapter 8 : Safety Studies
Chapter 9 : Safety Research Institute
Chapter 10 : Public Information
Chapter 11 : International Co-Operation
Chapter 12 : Quality Management System
Chapter 13 : Human Resource Development
Chapter 14 : Safety Research Programme
Chapter 15 : Official Language Implementation
Chapter 16 : Awards and Achievements
Chapter 17 : Miscellaneous
Chapter 18 : Deputations Abroad
APPENDIX : List of Publications
ANNEXURE : List of Abbreviations