The mission of the AERB is to ensure the use of ionising radiation and nuclear energy in India does not cause undue risk to the health of people and the environment.

AERB eNewsletter July-September 2018

As the monsoon retreats, it’s indeed very rejuvenating to see the blue skies in all its glory, filled with renewed hopes and promises for brighter avenues. As responsible citizens, we too need to make promises to ourselves and contribute our bit for a better tomorrow. Atomic Energy Regulatory Board is making all conscious efforts in this direction. As an organization, we have carried out an in-depth introspection of our activities and have identified areas which need to be further augmented or enhanced so as to serve the society better.

As an Authority committed towards public service, we have been taking concerted steps towards “Minimum Government, Maximum Governance, notable among them are web based licensing system for radiation applications, simplification of regulatory processes, revamping of external website to make it more informative and user friendly, providing opportunity to stakeholders for direct interaction through website, strengthening regulatory interfaces with other concerned agencies, and so and so forth.

For radiation safety in public domain, our efforts are directed towards enhancing the awareness among various radiation users. For this purpose, dedicated radiation safety campaign plans are being launched. Another area which AERB has been concentrating is emergency preparedness and response in nuclear activities. Table-top exercises were conducted at few NPPs with emphasis on Emergency Action Levels. It has provided foundation for developing tools towards decision making for emergency managers in response to an emergency situation, especially during the early phase.

On international scene, we have been interacting continuously with our counterparts with whom AERB has bilateral and multilateral arrangements. Additionally, cooperation with new countries have also been formalized such as that with Bangladesh Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority. AERB has also led the Indian delegation for the 7th Review meeting of the Contracting Parties for Convention on Nuclear Safety (CNS).

Within AERB, our focus has been to maximize the utilization of our skilled and competent workforce. With this objective, we have carried out some major restructuring of the organization. We also adopted the Integrated Management System which is in line with current IAEA standard on 'Leadership and Management for Safety'.

In order to conserve our resources and as part of our Government’s initiative of ‘Digital India’, we have decided to forego the publication of newsletters and instead have decided to bring out ‘e-newsletter’ every quarter. I congratulate the team for bringing out this e-Newsletter. This is the first in the series and we would be happy to further improve on it based on your valuable feedback and suggestion.


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