The mission of the AERB is to ensure the use of ionising radiation and nuclear energy in India does not cause undue risk to the health of people and the environment.


SR No. Title Author
1 Fire Safety K.RamPrasad, Ashish K. Panda, Diptendu Das
2 Siting of Nuclear Power Plants Roshan A.D, Shylamoni P., Sourav Acharya
3 Seismic Safety of Nuclear Power Plants Ajai S. Pisharady, Roshan A. D., Vijay V. Muthekar
4 Probabilistic Safety Assessment in DAE Units R.B. Solanki and Mahendra Prasad
5 Construction Safety Manas Kumar Pathak and Ashis Kumar Panda
6 Monograph in 34th DAE Safety and Occupational Health Professionals Meet:

Part-A: Key Principles of Human, Organisational and Technological Factors (HOT-F) in Safety

Part-B: Lifestyle Diseases – Silent Killer of the Millennium
Part- A: A. Varshney, S.G. Belokar, K. K. Satpathy, A. S. Vajarekar, Sekhar Bhattacharyya, Diptendu Das, Rakesh Kumar, K. H. Gharat, Sadhvi Srinivasan

Part-B: D. S. Kathuria, Hemant Haldavnekar, Ajay Dubey, Preeti Dubey, S. R. Bhave, Vishvajit Bhatkhande

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