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BARC and AERB officers during Signing of MoU

AERB has been deriving continuous technical and               research facilities/laboratories/computational tools for
scientific support from BARC in the field of regulation of      conduct of experimental and analytical studies; areas of
nuclear and radiation safety in the country. In a step        industrial, fire and occupational health safety, operational
towards formalising the existing mechanism, AERB had          health physics, radiation protection dosimetry, transport of
entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with         radioactive material, environmental data of Environmental
BARC for continued and sustained support. The same was        Survey Laboratories, emergency response, nuclear security
reaffirmed on February 24, 2020 through a formal               including computer security and development of
agreement signed by Director, BARC and Chairman,              regulatory documents. The support from BARC will also
AERB. Senior officers from BARC and AERB attended the          be extended towards lateral induction of manpower,
event.                                                        providing training, guidance for higher academic
                                                              qualifications and organising bilateral meetings/
The areas of support include, but are not limited to, safety  workshops on topics of nuclear, radiation and industrial
review including inspection of nuclear and radiation          safety.
facilities, sharing of research findings, extending certain

International Co-operation                                    discussions and sharing of information took place in the
                                                              areas of emergency preparedness and response in nuclear
Bilateral Meeting betweenAERB and USNRC                       power plants, licensing approaches for new nuclear
                                                              reactors, latest development in materials and component
The 17th bilateral meeting between AERB and United            integrity research, regulation of radiotherapy facilities for
States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) was              cancer treatment and management of disused sealed
held during January 27-30, 2020 at USNRC’s headquarters       radioactive sources.
at Rockville, Maryland USA. A four member Indian
delegation led by Shri S. B. Chafle, Head, NPSD, AERB
participated in the meeting. The mutual technical

                                                              of the AERB-USNRC
                                                              Bilateral Meeting

                                                              Vol. 31, No.1, JANUARY-MARCH 2020
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