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The National Safety Day is observed every year on 4th March. The first National Safety
Day Campaign was launched in 1972. This year 49th National Safety Day was organised

by the National Safety Council (NSC). The National safety day is celebrated throughout

the country to reiterate the importance of safety and create awareness throughout the


Regulatory Inspection and Enforcement

Regulatory Inspection                                        Enforcement Actions

During this quarter, AERB carried out 35 nos. of regulatory  AERB officers while on their way during official tour,
inspections of Nuclear and Industrial Facilities (N&IFs)     observed an unsafe radiography work on a pipe line job at
under the purview of AERB, covering safety (nuclear,         Meerut- Saharanpur road site, being carried out by a
radiological & industrial) and security aspects. Total 136   radiography agency based at Yamunanagar, Haryana.
routine inspections and 46 special inspections of radiation  Subsequent to further investigation, AERB suspended the
facilities were carried out by AERB. The special             licence for operation of the radiography institution for a
inspections were mostly planned to inspect type approval,    period of one year. The approval for Radiological Safety
pre-commissioning, consent applications etc.                 Officer (RSO) issued to the concerned Site-in-Charge/
                                                             Radiographer, who was responsible for ensuring radiation
                                                             safety at this site was also withdrawn for a period of one

    National and International Co-operation

National Coordination
BARC Reaffirms Continued Technical and Scientific Support toAERB

BARC is a premier multidisciplinary research & development organization under the DAE, engaged in frontier areas of science
and technology with the objective of generating knowledge and techniques for nuclear power production, advancement of
science in the field of nuclear application, use of radioisotopes in industry, health and agriculture.

                      Chairman, AERB and Director, BARC Signing and Exchanging the Agreement
Vol. 31, No.1, JANUARY-MARCH 2020
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