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Dear Readers,
         At the outset let me “WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW

YEAR 2020”. Let us continue our work with fresh vigour and enthusiasm to accomplish our
targets well.

         The 129th Board Meeting of AERB was held on January 10, 2020 to review the safety
status of the regulated installations. I am happy to share appointment of Prof. (Smt.) M.
Lakshmi Kantam as a Member of Board ofAERB. Prof. Kantam is a Distinguished Professor
of Department of Chemical Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai.
All the Board Members welcomed Prof. Kantam to her first Board meeting.

         AERB started the new year by participating and putting up an exhibition stall in the prestigious Indian
Science Congress which took place in Bengaluru during January 3-7, 2020 and followed it with releasing a Video
film on Radiation Safety in Fluoroscopy and organising various awareness programmes and safety promotional
events such as theme meetings and workshops. As part of knowledge management of its staff, colloquia and
technical talks were arranged in AERB. As part of Management Development Programme (MDP) to middle level
officers of AERB one batch was deputed for the five days’ residential training program at Yashwantrao Chavan
Academy of DevelopmentAdministration (YASHADA), Pune.

         AERB, avails expert technical support for some of the regulatory activities from the Bhabha Atomic
Research Centre (BARC), the premier research center in nuclear science and technology and radiation
applications. With the objective of having a formal and transparent basis for obtaining such technical support, a
formal agreement was signed between AERB and BARC on February 24, 2020 renewing the continued technical
support of BARC forAERB’s regulatory activities.

         As part of its ongoing initiatives for inculcating safety consciousness at workplace, AERB celebrated the
National Safety Day and International Women’s Day with active participation of its employees.

         On the international co-operation front, AERB had a bilateral meeting with United States Nuclear
Regulatory Commission (USNRC) during January 27-30, 2020 at the USNRC’s headquarters at Rockville,
Maryland USA. Subsequently, Ms. Annie Caputo, one of the Commissioners of USNRC along with three
delegates visited AERB at Mumbai on February 18, 2020 and held discussions with AERB counterparts. The 8th
review meeting of the Convention on Nuclear Safety (CNS) was scheduled to be held during March 23 – April 03,
2020. AERB played the lead role and completed the preparatory activities for the Indian Participation for the
review meeting, viz. preparation and submission of Indian National Report, review of national reports of other
contracting parties of CNS as well as submission of responses to the questions posed on the Indian national report,
through 2019 and early 2020. The 8th review meeting was however postponed in view of the emerging international
situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

         The Government of India declared a nation-wide first phase of lockdown to prevent spread of COVID-19
pandemic on March 24, 2020. During this phase, AERB officials functioned through telework (work from home).
The gist of core regulatory activities carried out during this period including the licences issued, inspections
conducted and enforcement actions taken are provided in this issue.

                                                                                        Vol. 31, No.1, JANUARY-MARCH 2020
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