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1.0 Safety Review and Regulation

       The Board of AERB is the decision making body on                 The Board was informed about various milestones
policy matters for regulation of nuclear and radiation           achieved in safety review w.r.t. commissioning activities at
facilities and associated activities. The Board held its 130th   Unit # 3 of Kakrapar Atomic Power Project (KAPP).
meeting on July 7, 2020. The meeting was conducted               KAPP-3 is indigenously designed 700 MWe Pressurized
through Video-conferencing. The highlights of the                Heavy Water Reactor (PHWR) set up at Kakrapar, Gujarat.
important activities conducted by AERB during previous           Detailed reviews on submitted applications w.r.t. Light
quarter(s) and the safety status of the regulated installations  Water Commissioning activities and associated tests,
were shared with the Board.                                      Initial Fuel Loading (IFL), bulk addition of Heavy Water to
                                                                 Moderator System and First Approach to Criticality (FAC)
       The Board was informed about how AERB had                 and Low Power Reactor Physics tests and Experiments
adapted to functioning through telework (work from home)         were completed.
to follow COVID-19 guidelines while some employees
functioned from office as per requirements. In line with                 After satisfactory completion of the safety reviews
COVID-19 Guidelines issued from time to time by the              related to FAC of KAPP-3, which were concluded by end
Government of India (GOI), allowed complement of staff           of June 2020, the Board considered the application for
had been attending office in a staggered manner for               FAC. Taking note of the satisfactory conclusions of all the
effective functioning. Staff of AERB was provided with           related safety reviews, the Board gave clearance for FAC of
official e-mail access and VPN based network connectivity,        KAPP-3 on July 17, 2020. Subsequently, KAPP-3
as required, to meet the regulatory activities related to        achieved first criticality on July 22, 2020.
nuclear and radiation facilities.

                               AERB Board meeting through Video Conferencing

       AERB provides all necessary information to its stakeholders through its
website, annual reports, newsletters, press releases/briefings. AERB Annual Report-
2019 was presented to Board for approval and after discussion, the Board approved the
Report for further briefing toAtomic Energy Commission and publication.

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