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S.No. Document No. Document Title Year Of Publication
1 AERB/NPP-PWR/SG/O-4 C Commissioning of Pressurised Water Reactors Based Nuclear Power Plants 2014
2 AERB/NPP/SC/O (Rev. 1) Nuclear Power Plant Operation 2008
3 AERB/NPP/SG/O-13 Operational Safety Experience Feedback on Nuclear Power Plants 2006
4 AERB/NPP/SG/O-11 Management of Radioactive Wastes arising during operation of PHWR Based NPPs 2004
5 AERB/NPP/SG/O-2 In-Service Inspection of NPPs 2004
6 AERB/SG/O-6 Preparedness of the operating organisation for Handling Emergencies at Nuclear Power Plants 2000
7 AERB/SG/O-8 Surveillance of items important to safety in Nuclear Power Plants 1999
8 AERB/SG/O-9 Management of Nuclear Power Plants for Safe Operation 1998
9 AERB/SG/O-7 Maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants 1998