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S.No. Document No. Document Title Year Of Publication
1 AERB/SG/IS-7 Safety in Design and Application of LASER 2015
2 AERB/FE-FCF/SG-5 Radiological Safety in Handling Beach Sand Minerals and Other Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials 2013
3 AERB/FE-FCF/SG-4 Siting, Design, Construction, Commissioning, Operation, Closure and Monitoring of Tailing Management Facilities for Uranium Ore Processing 2013
4 AERB/FE&BE-FCF/SG-1 Renewal of Licence for Operation of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities other than Nuclear Power Plants and Research Reactors 2010
5 AERB/FE-FCF/SG-3 Uranium Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facilities 2009
6 AERB/FE-FCF/SG-2 Radiological Safety in Uranium Mining and Milling 2007