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Committee on AERB Safety Research Programmes, AERB, INDIA

Committee on Safety Research Programmes (CSRP)

Re-Constitution No. : CH/AERB/COMM/25/2010/3308     Dated :August 18, 2010

Dr. K.B. Sainis Chairman  Director, Bio-Medical Group, BARC
Dr. Rajiv Sarin Member Director, ACTREC, TMC
Dr. B.C. Bhatt Member Ex-Head, RP&AD, BARC
Shri A.R. Sundararajan Member Ex-Director, RSD, AERB
Shri S.G. Ghadge Member Associate Director (TH&PL), NPCIL
Shri K.K. Vaze Member RSD, BARC
Shri P.K. Wattal Member BETDD, BARC
Dr. S.K. Gupta Member Director, SADD, AERB Send mail
Shri R. Bhattacharya Member Director, IPSD & ITSD and Secretary, AERB Send mail
Shri A. Ramakrishna Member-Secy. SO(H), ITSD, AERB Send mail
  • Evaluate and recommend for funding safety-related research projects of interest to AERB submitted by academic institutions / research laboratories and other similar institutions outside the DAE.
  • Monitor the progress of on-going research projects, suggest changes as considered appropriate and recommend renewals / extensions.
  • Interact with interested academic institutions and play a pro-active role in identifying suitable projects taking into account the competence of the researchers and the infrastructure available in the institutions.
  • Recommend financial assistance to universities, research institutions, professional associations, etc. for holding symposia, conferences, workshops on topics of interest to AERB.
  • Recommend revisions, whenever necessary, to the existing rules, regulations and guidelines for sponsoring and conduct of research projects.
  • Advise AERB on any related issues of interest.