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AERB Safety Research Programme: Annexure VI
Annexure VI



1. Name and address of the institution.
2. Title of the scheme, reference number and date of first sanction.
3. Name, designation and full address of the Investigator in-charge of the scheme.
4. Date of commencement of actual work on the scheme.
5. Detailed technical report of the entire work done on the scheme.
6. Publications in refereed journals (Copies of reprints to be attached).
7. Other publications including papers presented in Symposia/Conferences.
8. Whether any of the staff was awarded research degree on the basis of work carried out on the scheme. If so, degrees, titles of thesis and the years of submission/award.
9. Details of grant (name and designation of staff, name and cost of equipment, consumables (give heads) received during the tenure of the scheme).
10. Particulars such as the title of the scheme, funding agency, duration of any other schemes under your charge in similar areas.
11. Details of all the previous DAE/AERB and other schemes under your charge (scheme title, total funds, duration).
12. Brief summary of achievements in not more than 300 words.
13. Other specific remarks/suggestions.