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Annexure - IV
Annexure - IV

(For renewal of Projects)

Government of India
Atomic Energy Regulatory Board
Safety Research Programmes

(*Please indicate whether it is the lst, 2nd etc. renewal)

(Please send 10 copies to the Secretary of the Committee for Safety Research Programmes, AERB, Niyamak Bhavan, Anushaktinagar, Mumbai 400 094.)

1 . Title of the research project:

2. (a) Principal Investigator
Name                                    :

Position held                       :

(b)  Co-investigator(s)
Name                                    :

Position held                       :

(c) Research fellow(s)
recruited for the
project and their
date(s) of joining.

Name                                    :

Date of joining                    :

3. (a) Number and date of first sanction of scheme  :
(b) Date of Actual commencement of work            :

3. (a) Number and date of first sanction of scheme  :
(b) Date of Actual commencement of work            :

4.             Department where research is being performed.

5.             Name and address of the University/institution.

6.             Is the Principal Investigator/Co-investigator likely to go abroad? If yes, what is the duration?

7. (a) Name, designation and address of the person 
to whom all letters are to be addressed.
(b) Telephone No.
(c) Fax No.
(d) Telegraphic Address

8. List of major equipment already procured/fabricated.

9.  Detailed technical report prefaced by a summary highlighting major achievements is to be enclosed with each copy. The summary should include all work done to date.

10. (a)  Deviations, if any, from the programme of work and expenditure originally approved.
(b) Reasons for above

11.  List of papers and copies of papers published/communicated is to be included with each copy.

12.  Details of grant:


(I)               (II)

actually spent

(I)               (II)

Commitments Pending payments
upto 31st March of the current year
Grants requested for the next year
(a) Staff salary (Research fellows and associates)        
(b) Equipment (Give list of major items and their individual cost)        
(c) Consumables (indicate type of consumables and their individual cost. Indicate Radiochemicals separately).        
(d) Contingencies        
(e) Computer charges (if any)        
(f) Travel including travel for computer work. The purpose and justification must be recorded)        
(g) Overheads        

13.     Project personnel and estimated percentage of total working time devoted to the project.
Personnel Time(%) Estimated cost

14. Detailed plan for the next year.
Signature of the Principal Investigator Signature of the Head of the Institution
Name: Name:
Designation: Designation:
Date: Date:
Seal of the Principal Investigator:  Seal of the Institution: