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Industrial Radiography is an indispensable, versatile and well-established non destructive testing/ examination (NDT or NDE). In industrial radiography, sealed radioisotopes such as Co-60, Ir-192, Se-75, Tm-170, industrial X-ray machines and accelerators are used. Industrial radiography is carried out by using industrial radiography exposure devices (IREDs) radiography devices such as Industrial Gamma Radiography Exposure Devices (IGREDs) / Industrial X-ray machines/ Accelerators. Radioactive sources are housed in IGRED, which is an assembly of components to make radiographic exposures and it includes the source housing, mechanism for securing the source assembly, exposure mechanism, and including the source drive associated system, positioning devices and guide tube. Such industrial radiography exposure devices are used in enclosed installations and open field radiography. The radiography work need to be carried out by authorized radiography personnel by adhering to prescribed operating procedures so that acceptable radiological risk to the workers, public and environment is not exceeded.