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Advisory Committee for Review of Safety Research
Constitution Order No.:CH/AERB/25/2014/3849 Dated November 21, 2014

Advisory Committee for Review of Safety Research (AC-RSR) is constituted for the purpose of reviewing safety research activities in support of regulatory work at AERB. The committee will comprise of the following members:
  Shri S.K. Chande Chairman Former Vice Chairman, AERB  
  Shri S.A. Bhardwaj Member Chairman, AERB  
  Shri S. Duraisamy Member Former Vice-chairman, AERB  
  Dr. R. Bhattacharya Member Former Vice-chairman, AERB  
  Dr. S.M. Lee Member Raja Ramanna Fellow, AERB  
  Shri K.K. Vaze Member Former Director, RD&DG, BARC  
  Dr. A.K. Ghosh Member Former Director, HS&EG, BARC  
  Dr. P.R. Vasudevarao Member Director, IGCAR  
  Dr. P. Chellapandi Member Director, Reactor Group, IGCAR  
  Shri S.G. Ghadge Member Director(Technical),NPCIL  
  Shri V. Balasubramaniyan Member Director, SRI  
  Shri A.G. Gaikwad Member-Secretary Director, NSAD, AERB Send mail  


  • Periodically review, monitor, prioritise and provide guidance to R&D activities of AERB related to safety assessment of nuclear installations.

  • Advise on generic safety research topics / issues that are of interest to regulatory activities.

  • Advise on joint research projects with other (including overseas) institutions on nuclear safety related topics.

  • Consider and recommend proposals of visiting scientists in the interest of long term safety and regulatory research.

  • Recommend proposals for organizing Symposia/Conferences/Workshop/Seminars, etc., periodically on scientific/ technical topics of interest to AERB.

  • Provide guidance for proper coordination of safety research activities at AERB with other DAE units and other institutes.

  • Review proposals for collaborative research with non-DAE institutions and recommend for consideration by CSRP.


The committee will meet twice a year or as often as required for timely and effective discharge of its functions.