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Advisory Committee for Project Safety Review of PHWR based NPPs and FBR based Nuclear Power Projects (ACPSR-PHWR/FBR)
Reconstitution Order No.: CH/AERB/199/ACPSR-PHWR-FBTR/2016/1660 Dtd.: June 1, 2016

  Shri S.K. Chande Chairman Former Vice-Chairman, AERB
  Shri D.K. Shukla Member Executive Director, AERB
  Shri S.C. Chetal Member Former Director,IGCAR  
  Shri V. K. Raina Member Former Director, RG, BARC  
  Shri K. K. Vaze Member Former Director, RDDG, BARC  
  Shri Deepak De Member Former Director, NPSD, AERB  
  Shri V. K. Gupta Member Former Head, HPD, BARC  
  Shri C. K. Pithawa Member Former Director, E&IG, AERB  
  Shri K. P. Dwivedi Member Former ED, QA, NPCIL  
  Dr. H. P. Gupta Member Former Head, ThPD, BARC  

Expert Member from Academic Institute

  Prof. Kannan Iyer Member Dept. of Mechnical Engg. Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay) Powai, Mumbai.  

Representative from Ministry of Environment & Forests, New Delhi

  Ms. Rita Khanna Member Director, Impact Assessment, MoEF&CC, Paryavaran Bhavan, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110 003  

Representative from Central Electricity Authority (CEA), New Delhi

  Shri Sanjay Sharma Member CE (TETD),Central Electricity Authority, Sewa Bhavan, R. K. Puram, New Delhi- 110 066  

Representative from Central Boilers Board (CBB), New Delhi

  Shri T.S.G. Narayanan Member Technical Advisor (Boilers) and Secretary, Central Boiler Board, Deptt. of Industrial Policy and Promotions, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi-110 107.  
  Shri S.K. Jain Alternate Member Development Officer & Asst. Secretary, CBB, Deptt. of Industrial Policy & Promotions, Ministry of Commerce & Industry,Room no. 429-A, Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi-110 107.  

Representative from Site Evaluation Committee (SEC)/Project Design Safety Committee (PDSC)/Civil Engineering Safety Committee (CESC)

  Chairman of Site Evaluation Committee (SEC)/PDSC/CSEC Member (depending on the stage of project under review)  

Representatives from AERB

  Shri Fredric Lall Member Former Director, NPSD, AERB  
  Shri P. R. Krishnamurthy Member Director, Nuclear Facilities Regulations Group, AERB  
  Shri C. S. Varghese Member Head, NPSD, AERB  
  Shri S. K. Ghosh Member Head, PHWR-PS, NPSD, AERB  


  • For Safety Clearance of Project Sites:

    • Conduct review from Safety view-point of reports from Site Evaluation Committees (SECs) and associated Safety Related Documents submitted by the Organisation Responsible for the Project under review, regarding acceptability of the proposed site for locating the NPP, considering plant and public safety and give its recommendations to AERB for Site Clearance with associated observations/ suggestions/stipulations, if any.

    • Identify site related specific administrative and design measures and tests/checks if any, that are necessary and to be taken into consideration in recommending acceptability of the proposed site of NPP from Safety viewpoint.

  • For Clearances/Authorisations at Major Project Stages:

    • Conduct review from safety point of view of reports and recommendations from Project Design Safety Committees (PDSCs)/Civil Engineering Safety Committee (CESC) and associated safety documents submitted by the Organisation Responsible for the project and give its recommendations to AERB for Authorisation with observations/suggestions/stipulations, if any for Nuclear Power Plants/ Research Reactors for major Project Stages such as Construction, Commissioning, Operation & Decommissioning and as required for their intermediate stages.

    • Reviews may take into consideration, as appropriate to the project stage, the adequacy of status of management set up, completion of construction and commissioning of different systems, training and qualification of staff, quality assurance programme, emergency preparedness in addition to consideration for adequacy of design provision for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Safety.

    • Review any other relevant safety issues referred to the committee by Chairman, AERB.



  • During discussions on PHWR based Nuclear Power Projects, Director (Technical), NPCIL responsible for PHWRs shall be invited as Designer Representative; and Project Director/Chief Construction Engineer/ Station Director (depending on the stage of project under review) of the concerned Project shall be invited as Project Representative.
  • During discussions on FBR based Nuclear Power Projects, Director, RDG, IGCAR shall be invited as Project Representative.
  • During discussions on Safety Analysis, Director, NSAD, AERB shall be invited.
  • During discussions on topics related to siting & civil engineering Safety Aspects, Director, SSED, AERB shall be invited.
  • Terms of Reference of the Committee remain unchanged.
  The Committee shall meet as often as necessary to carry out its functions.