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Advisory Committee for Project Safety Review of Kudankulam NPP 1&2
Constitution Order No.: CH/AERB/199/KK NPPP-1 & 2/2015/3162 Dated: September 11, 2015

  Shri S.K. Mehta Chairman Former Director, RG, BARC, Mumbai  
  Shri S.Duraisamy Member Former Vice-chairman, AERB, Mumbai  
  Shri V.K. Raina Member Former Director, RG, BARC  
  Shri S.K. Chande Member Former Vice-Chairman, AERB, Mumbai  
  Dr. A.K. Ghosh Member Former Director, HSEG, BARC  
  Shri R.K. Patil Member Former AD, D&I Group, BARC  
  Shri R.S. Yadav Member Director, RPG, BARC  
  Dr. P.D. Krishnani Member Head, RPDD, BARC  
  Shri R.I. Gujrathi Member Former Director, NPSD, AERB  
  Shri D.K. Shukla Member Executive Director, AERB  

Expert Member from Academic Institute

  Prof. U.N. Gaitonde Member Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Bombay  

Representative from Ministry of Environment & Forests

  Dr. S.K. Aggarwal Member Director (IA), MoEF  

Representative from Central Electricity Authority (CEA), New Delhi

  Shri A.K. Gupta Member Chief Engineer (TE&TD), CEA

Representative from NPCIL HQ

  Shri Ashok Chauhan Member ED(Engg.)-LWR, NPCIL Headquarters  

Representative from Site

  Site Director Member KKNPP 1&2  

Representatives from AERB

  Head, NPSD Member NPSD, AERB  
  Director, OPSD Member OPSD, AERB  
  Director, NSAD Member NSAD, AERB  
  Shri S.T. Swamy Member-Secretary R&DD, AERB Send mail  

Permanent Invitees

  Shri Suneet Kavimandan   NPSD, AERB  


  • Authorisations at Major Stages of the Project:

    • Review the reports alongwith the related design, analysis/commissioning reports, as weII as inspection and testing reports submitted by the Nuclear Power Corporation for compliance with the currently applicable safety standards and other regulatory requirements. Information and recommendations available, if any, from the reviews/evaluations done by IAEA and other international agencies on Kudankulam type VVER systems or other similar LWR should also be taken into consideration in making the overall safety assessments.

    • Based on the review, submit recommendations to AERB for authorisation with observations/suggestions/stipulations, if any, at major Project stages, viz. Construction, Commissioning, Operation & Decommissioning, and as required at any intermediate stages, as specified by AERB.

    • The review may take into consideration, as appropriate to the Project stage, the adequacy of management setup, completion of different systems and their associated tests, training and qualifications of staff, quality assurance programme, emergency preparedness plan/status, in addition to consideration for adequacy of design provisions for nuclear and radiation safety for plant personnel and public.

    • If any item of Safety Review with respect to design comes up for discussions, ACPSR-LWR would have to take it up for review and give appropriate recommendations.

  • Assessment of the Russian Safety Standards for Kudankulam Safety Review:

    • Review Russian Safety Standards and make recommendations to AERB regarding their conformance with AERB's safety requirements, internationally accepted current safety standards and guidelines, including any over-riding safety requirements that should be necessarily stipulated over and above the Russian Safety Standards, for Kudankulam Project.

    • Review the QA programme for assuring safety in the design, construction and operational phases, and identify the necessary inspections, verifications and hold points in this programme.

    • Advise AERB on the procedures and modality of conducting the above-mentioned inspections and verifications.

    • Review and approve from time to time the Detailed Project Report (DPR) packages, based on the comments/observations submitted by NPC-KK Project Group and AERB Co-ordination Group.

  • For Continued Assurance of Safety of KK Project/Station:

    • Advise AERB on any safety-related technical or policy issues that may have to be taken up by AERB with the Russian Regulatory Body.

    • Advise AERB on R&D activities that might be required for long-term infra-structural support for safe design and operation of LWR systems.

  • General:

    • Maintain close interaction with NPC-KK Project Group and AERBĀ¬ Co-ordination Group on various issues related to KKNPP.

    • Review any other issues related to the Project as referred to it by Chairman, AERB.