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Advisory Committee for Project Safety Review of Fuel Cycle Facilities
Re-constitution Order No.: CH/AERB/COMM/25/2013/3712 Dtd.: September 30, 2013

  Shri R.K. Garg Chairman Ex-CMD, IREL , Mumbai  
  Dr. P.B. Rastogi Member Director, Impact Assessment Division, Ministry of Environment and Forests, New Delhi  
  Shri Anup Biswas Member Dy. Director General, Directorate General of Mines Safety, Ranchi  
  Prof. Shyam Asolekar Member Professor, CESE, IIT, Bombay  
  Shri D.S. Shukla Member Former Director, Chemical Engineering and Technology Group, BARC, Mumbai & Raja Ramanna Fellow  
  Dr. G.J. Prasad Member Director, Nuclear Fuels Group, BARC, Mumbai  
  Shri P.K. Ghosh Member Former Director, IPSD, AERB  
  Dr. R. Bhattacharya Member Former Vice-chairman, AERB  
  Shri S.A. Hussain Member Former Head, RSD, AERB, Niyamak Bhavan, Mumbai  
  Shri V.V. Pande Member-Secretary Head, IPSD, AERB, Niyamak Bhavan, Mumbai Send mail  
  Shri Pankaj Gupta Permanent Invitee SO(E), IPSD, AERB, Niyamak Bhavan, Mumbai  


  • The ACPSR-FCF will, review the recommendations of the concerned Project Design Safety Committee/Unit Safety Committee and give its recommendations to AERB for siting, construction and operation authorizations for mines & plants. For this purpose, it will review relevant safety related documents for the project under consideration and recommend authorizations as per the relevant AERB Safety Codes and other safety documents.

  • The Committee may identify and recommend specific administrative and design measures and tests/checks for a project.

  • The Committee will discuss and make appropriate recommendations on safety issues (generic and specific) concerning fuel cycle facilities, which are referred to it by AERB.