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Advisory Committee on Nuclear Safety
Re-Constitution Order No. CH/AERB/COMM/25/2013/187 Dated: July 16, 2013

  Dr. Baldev Raj Chairman Former Director, IGCAR  
  Shri S.A. Bharadwaj Vice-chairman Chairman, AERB  
  Shri K.K. Vaze Member Former Director, RD&DG , BARC  
  Shri S.G. Ghadge Member Director (Technical), NPCIL  
  Shri Rajnish Prakash Member Chief Executive, HWB  
  Dr. P. Chellapandi Member Director, Safety Group, IGCAR  
  Dr. D.N. Sharma Member Director, HS&EG, BARC  
  Prof. J.B. Doshi Member Mechanical Engineering Department, IIT, Bombay  
  Dr. R. Bhattacharya Member Former Vice-chairman, AERB  
  Shri S.A. Hussain Member Former Head, RSD, AERB  
  Shri A.J. Gaikwad Member Director, NSAD, AERB  
  Shri K. Srivasista Member- Secretary Director, Resources and Documentation Division, AERB, MumbaiSend mail  


  • To conduct the final review of draft safety documents like Safety Codes, Guides and Manuals pertaining to Siting, Design, Construction, Operation, Quality Assurance and Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities prepared by the respective Advisory Committees/Working Groups;

  • Advice on generic safety issues affecting the safety of Nuclear installations;

  • Examine and advice on any specific matter that may be referred by Chairman, AERB;

  • The committee will meet as often as required.

  • The committee may coopt other experts or constitute working groups to examine specific issues, if necessary.