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Advisory Committee for preparation of Code & Guides on Governmental Organization for the Regulation of Nuclear & Radiation facilities
Reconstitution Order No. CH/AERB/COMM/25/2015/1719 dated May 18, 2015

  Shri S.C.Hiremath Chairman Former Chief Executive, Heavy Water Board  
  Director, NSAD Member NSAD, AERB  
  Director, R&DD Member R&DD, AERB  
  Head, NPSD Member NPSD, AERB  
  Head, IPSD Member IPSD, AERB  
  Director, OPSD Member OPSD, AERB  
  Head, RSD Member RSD, AERB  
  Director, SSED Member SSED, AERB  
  Shri Jose Joseph Member Head, BARC SC Secretariate, BARC  
  Dr. A. Nandakumar Member Former Head, RSD, AERB  
  Shri Y.K. Shah Member-Secretary SO/G, R&DD, AERBSend mail  
  Shri P. Bansal Permanent Invitee R&DD, AERB  


  • The committee is entrusted with the responsibility for preparation of the Code & associated Guides for establishing requirements for the purpose of regulation of Nuclear Facilities under construction & Operation.

  • The committee shall meet as often as required and may co-opt experts or constitute Working groups (WGs) for the purpose of making initial drafts of Codes/Guides.

  • The Code / Guides on Governmental Organisation to be prepared should provide recommendations on the following aspects:-

    1. Establishing the role and responsibility of the regulatory body for ensuring safety during various stages of licensing a Nuclear Facility.

    2. Establishing regulations and criteria for health, safety and environmental protection.

    3. Establishing the criteria for safety review and assessment as well as regulatory inspections to be carried out during various stages of the licensing process viz. Siting, Construction, Design, Operation, Quality  Assurance and Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities.

    4. Establishing norms for organising necessary regulatory inspections and taking necessary enforcement actions during the operating life of  Nuclear Facilities to ensure that the various AERB Safety Committee recommendations and other plant specific operational limits and conditions are not violated.

    5. Formulating the structure and staffing requirements for ensuring effective functioning of the regulatory body.

    6. Identifying the training and retraining requirements of the staff of the Regulatory Body.