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Advisory Committee on Code, Guides & Associated Manuals for Safety in Design of NPPs
Re-Constitution Order No.: CH/AERB/COMM/25/2013/81  Dtd. March 8, 2013

  Shri K.K. Vaze Chairman Director, RD&DG, BARC, Mumbai  
  Shri S.G. Ghadge Member Executive Director (RSA), NPCIL  
  Dr. P. Chellapandi Member Director, Safety Group, IGCAR  
  Dr. P.K. Vijayan Member Head, RED, BARC  
  Shri Y.S. Mayya Member Head, RCnD, BARC, Mumbai
  Shri A.J. Gaikwad Member Head, NSAD, AERB  
  Shri K. Srivasista Member Head, DS, ITSD, AERB
  Shri S.K. Ghosh Member SO/H, NPSD, AERB

  Shri S.A. Khan Member SO/G, NPSD, AERB, Mumbai
  Shri G.M. Behera Member-Secretary SO/E, ITSD, AERB Send mail  


  • Overview and provide recommendations on the Safety Codes, Guides and Manuals prepared in the fields relating to design of NPPs by the Consultant / Working Group constituted by AERB.

  • Advise on generic safety issues relating to the design of Nuclear Power Plants.

  • Examine and provide advice on any specific issues pertaining to safety of NPPs that may be referred to it by AERB.

  • The committee will meet as often as required.

  • The committee may invite experts in the relevant field during its deliberations.

  • The committee should submit quarterly progress report on the status of documents under its review.