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Quality Policy
The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board has the mandate to enforce rules and regulations promuglated under the Atomic energy Act, 1962 for ensuring radiological safety in the country, and under the Factories Act, 1948 for ensuring industrial safety in the units of the Department of Atomic Energy that are under the purview of the Board. The ultimate goal is to protect the workers, the members of public and the environment from undue hazards of ionising radiations.

To achieve the above goal, we at AERB are committed to adopt Quality Management System (QMS) for the consenting processes, for the safety review and regulatory inspection of nuclear and radiation facilities and for development of safety documents for the purpose.

AERB will continually review and improve its Quality Management system to enhance the efficacy of its consenting processes, making its safety reviews and regulatory inspections more effective and furthering the development of safety documents, using its dedicated and motivated human resources.

All staff members of AERB are required to comply with the quality requirements as enumerated in the AERB Quality Manual