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Atomic Energy Regulatory Board
Niyamak Bhavan,
Anushakti Nagar,
Mumbai - 400094,India
Phone: +91-22-25990100,


AERB Divisions

Industrial Plants Safety Division : IPSD


  • Administration of The Factories Act, 1948 and The Atomic Energy (Factories) Rules, 1996 in DAE units viz front end fuel cycle facilities of AMD, IREL, UCIL, NFC and HWPs, Nuclear Power Plants/Projects, BRIT facilities, IGCAR facilities, ECIL facilities and DAE accelerator facilities of VECC and RRCAT.
  • Administration of The Atomic Energy (Radiation Protection) Rules, 2004 for enforcing radiological safety in front end fuel cycle facilities, DAE accelerator units and all Beach Sand Minerals Facilities of India.
  • Safety review of the above facilities during siting, construction, commissioning and operation.
  • Regulatory Inspection of the above facilities and special monthly regulatory inspection of major construction projects of DAE.
  • Industrial Safety, Fire Safety and Occupational Health Safety review of all DAE projects and plants (except BARC facilities).
  • Licensing of Operating Personnel in front end fuel cycle facilities.
  • Secretariat for
    • Advisory Committee for Project Safety Review of Fuel Cycle Facilities (ACPSR-FCF)
    • Advisory Committee on Industrial and Fire Safety (ACIFS)

Nuclear Projects Safety Division : NPSD


  • Safety Review of Nuclear Projects.
  • Regulatory Inspection & Enforcement in projects under construction.
  • Issue of authorizations at various stages of the projects as per established procedures and protocols.
  • Review of physical protection aspects in projects.

Nuclear Safety Analysis Division : NSAD


  • Probabilistic Safety Assessment.
  • Deterministic Safety Analysis.
  • Safety Review of Indian Nuclear Power Plants.
  • Nuclear Regulatory Research.
  • Independent check for resolving issues related with nuclear plant safety requiring analysis to be carried out.
  • Reactor Physics Review

Operating Plant Safety Division : OPSD


  • Safety Review and Safety Surveillance including Health Physics Aspects and Emergency Preparedness of operating NPPs and Research Reactors
  • Regulatory Inspection and Enforcement in respect of all operating NPPs and Research Reactors
  • Conducting Periodic Safety Review and Renewal of Authorization
  • Licensing of the operating personnel and the management staff
  • Review of Physical Protection aspects in operating plants
  • Enforcement of Atomic Energy (Safe Disposal of Radioactive Wastes) Rules, 1987
  • Co-ordination with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES) based reporting of events and for the Incident Reporting System (IRS) operated by IAEA/NEA
  • Secretariat of SARCOP

Radiological Safety Division : RSD


  • Licensing, Surveillance and Safety Review of BRIT facilities and Non-DAE Radiation Installations including Accelerators and Irradiators
  • Implementation of Atomic Energy (Radiation Protection) Rules, 2004 and enforcement of Atomic Energy (Safe Disposal of Radioactive Waste) Rules, 1987 in non-DAE installations
  • Ensuring safety in Transportation of Radioactive Material in public domain
  • Secretariat for SARCAR (Safety Review Committee for Application of Radiation)

Resources & Documentation Division : R&DD


  • Document Development & Publication
  • Human Resource & Research Projects
  • Website management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Information Technology(IT) related activities

Siting & Structural Engineering Division : SSED


  • Safety Review pertaining to Civil and Structural Engineering aspects of nuclear reactors, fuel cycle facilities, industrial and radiation facilities of DAE.
  • Site evaluation of nuclear facilities

  • Developing civil engineering safety criteria for design, construction and erection of NPPs