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Atomic Energy Regulatory Board
Niyamak Bhavan,
Anushakti Nagar,
Mumbai - 400094,India
Phone: +91-22-25990100,


Functions Of AERB
  • Develop safety policies in nuclear, radiation and industrial safety areas.

  • Develop Safety Codes, Guides and Standards for siting, design, construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning of different types of nuclear and radiation facilities.

  • Grant consents for siting, construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning, after an appropriate safety review and assessment, for establishment of nuclear and radiation facilities.

  • Ensure compliance of the regulatory requirements prescribed by AERB during all stages of consenting through a system of review and assessment, regulatory inspection and enforcement.

  • Prescribe the acceptance limits of radiation exposure to occupational workers and members of the public and approve acceptable limits of environmental releases of radioactive substances.

  • Review of the emergency preparedness plans for nuclear and radiation facilities.

  • Safety reviews for transport of large radioactive sources, irradiated fuel and fissile material.

  • Review of the training program, qualifications and licensing policies for personnel of nuclear and radiation facilities and prescribe the syllabi for training of personnel in safety aspects at all levels.

  • Take such steps as necessary to keep the public informed on major issues of radiological safety significance.

  • Promote research and development efforts in the areas of safety.

  • Maintain liaison with statutory bodies in the country as well as abroad regarding safety matters.